I was telling you how i came to know about sex..what is that and how it is applied in this universe.That was from a book from a rogue classmate.From that fateful day my fight was on  with my inner mind.My general mind was attractive to girls who lived in my locality surely because they used to look at me with love and strange looks which i was hard to understand.

Here in our culture no open talk is used like Americans about Love..and so on.That was my college age 17 years youth i was full of lust and power..I was most beautiful boy of locality..Uff those puzzled invitations shook me a lot. In nights i began to see them in dreams and doing flirts with me..But in day time i could not look properly at them as i was very shy boy.

For example i describe one .My( girl) cousin was in love with a boy who was living one furlong away from her house. He

sang the verses religeous on instrument called Harmonium in temple. one day she gave me a piece of paper some letter  single page..four fould. She instructed me to handover that letter to Notan(Name of the boy..her lover) so that no one can see me and bring his answer.She warned me not to open and read that letter of hers.I agreed and she said she is watching me from her roof top.I went half furlong ahead then looked here and there..whether she was looking at me..it was a congested street 4 feet wide tall buildings alround..i judged how can she watch  me? so i slowly like thieves began to open that letter..and hastily read a portion of it which said she written Notan to take her some other city..means abduct her..(Ha ha….)i say Haha now not at that time (strange). I quickly folded that letter..and was afraid to be seen  as she could come behind me..Anyway ..i went to Notan and he was singing a song on Harmonium.Which meant..Come my dear..in pleasant moonlit night.we meet then our desert life will grow in to a green garden.i still remember that beautiful song and its tune..

so i mean to say i was so simple..in early days of my life…now i am not so simple that anybody can cheat me..I shall be back soon…please.