My house, my money, my estate, my office, my factory, my friend, my wife….my my my..this is mine, that is are mine..when we think so many things are mine or ours….I/we have to take their responsibility..and odds..How much enjoyment I/we get with not permanent.

when we complete our college education we dream of a good salaried..Government job..or a packaged salary job..when we get the job..however small or big..we think of becoming a quick as possible..we practice illegal ways to earn the over income..we try to work less and expect fill our coffers.. we think of only ours..and become” selfish..”

we are reading in newspapers daily…that a certain officer,certain minister,was caught by public..or police..for corrupt practices..and scams..their public and social  life is at stake..and risk.

on the other hand if we decide  not to be selfish  we have many reliefs..we get good name,promotions, acqaintance and moreover a good name and self respect.we really get everything

in life..peace of mind..and personal satisfaction.which is an invaluable asset earned in life.

so instead of thinking only of our self..we think of other more rewarding..Please believe me.