I have cited so many things i saw in my life honestly..but is difficult to describe them systematically date by date..as i never maintained my personal diary up to this day..so please do not take at heart my unskilled..style of a Writer..I had never thought that i shall one day be lucky to have courage to write on a blog site of international level.I shall try to count the things i saw..on a redial mode..

That I was deeply moved by failures of love affairs, when a girl loved her boy friend..surrendered her virginity even to that..even then circumstances and things went array..and those resulted in dissent, unpleasant accidents, commitment of suicide, running away from native place..so it was assumed by my mind that ..it was a complex matter to go near a girl and love her..even when she disclosed she loved me.This made me serious thinker, mature man in little age.My family members parents were religious people..they took me in congregation..of our Spritual Master..or Religious Teacher..in the age of 6 years..I learned many things from my spritual training school..for which i am most grateful to my Gem my spritual Guru..in whose feet i learned to sit at a place for hours..with cool, calm..and attention..2. to be obedient to elders3. Read good and religious literature about God

and knowing about God..in detail. why we came in this world..what we have to do to get to see the God with internal eyes.4.To be vegetarian..and desciplined..and hard worker..and get endurance..

and cleaniness..I do not boast that i possess all these qualities in me..but some percentage i have within me..this i feel within me..and I am satisfied with that percentage in me by My Master’s grace.

These petty changes path of my life very easy..The wheel of my life was moving fast..I have good and bad experiences on the way of it,,I turned a changed man..Sometimes I murmur to myself as follows..That what I am..?”I am not a God..I am not a devil..whatever this world thinksof me.. I am a human.”  “I have good habits..I have bad habits..I have millions of dirty thoughts in me..But some cleaniness is surely therein.” I ama predator at some extent..I am a grand person also..whatever this world thinks of me.”.I am a human’

so dear friends I am going to change my role  from next episode..and I shall try to take some thrilling subjects of life..till then please enjoy life..Thank you..