I have mostly described things i saw in my life..but counting from my childhood some things i recall which i shall tell you..That most of my relatives kith and kin loved me very much..they liked my simplicity and respect for all.After passing my High school some girls tried to impress me..but i ignored..I saw people living in poverty so i fixed my target in life.I saw many movies, read many novels, struggled and worked hard in my job..I left the job for better prospects..My expenses i kept reasonable..and from savings buyed property for self use..I remained all time vegetarian..I saw many things i described from part 1 to part 4 above in my last blogs.Now i have no aim..i want to pass my life peacefully and select a woman for me..so i describe here..during my quest for a close girl friend i met several girls but no one impressed me..they had shallow love..not deep love..they were selfish, diplomatic..or predators.After certain amount of decency ..they pretended to get ill..or crashed on road..or gave the reference of not their parents but of their grand parents..some said her ex. was coming back to her..I felt that they wanted to enjoy money from their boy friends..some changed their profile names..(How Funny)..now i am well experienced..and do not intend to fall a prey to such girls..Actually i shall presume that such internet friendship between a boy and a girl is play” only.or say a game they play.The most complicated job in a mans life is select a woman for him.During my this quest many boys told me their stories which i shall try to tell you..sooner or latter..but today I am feeling sad..so my dear..i shall see you soon..till then bye..take care.