Near my house a cyber cafe was opened by the elder son of a Government officer..The boy had passed graduation.His father buyed a large office cum residence in 5000sq.feet on main road to establish his career.The boy was well mannered, cool..and charming. At that time trend of computers and cybercafe had just began and i had to go to his cyber cafe for my computer work..After a year when I bought my own computer I did not go at his cafe.

After a lapse of another six months I heard that the guy had committed suicide.Alas what a tragedy..?But why..? when i enquired from his friends the reality came as under..:-

During his spare time he chatted with online girl friend..she belonged to Japan..he belonged to India..Love level raised up intimate between them..since the boy was single and bachelor..but girl was married and had a few children..she was also in deep love with him..when he proposed her to marry with him..she refused her on the ground that she could not leave Japan for the sake of her upcoming she also loved them so much.That lover tense..fall a prey to depression…day and night began smoking..without disclosing the facts to his parents or brother..and other members of his family..and he gave ultimatum to his girl friend if she does not marry him he will hang himself..In anger the girl said he can do what he likes but she can not marry him. The boy hanged himself in the room of his office from a ceiling fan with a rope..and ended his brilliant life without a good cause.

we can imagine what was the condition of his old parents and family members on seeing the corpse of their young boy..All their hopes in him shattered in a cruel manner.The cyber cafe got closed up..and so much financial loss and humility served on family members..The guy should have thought about Parents.brothers ..sister..also..but No..this generation is not bound to do mercy with their well wishers…It is my opinion friendship via internet has to be more reliable yet..hmmm..

o.k. friends see you next time..bye..till then..