Though i am very young..but from childhood I have habits of watching every thing around me closely and to the best possible attention.People, friends, relatives, teachers,girl friends, their parents,movies, novels.Up to level of high school I had enough of them..I  used to go to town hall after my school. play carom board..and read as many books as possible.Then i was fond of Phantom..his friend king of Wombessy..His trade mark ring of three skeletons..his powerful fists..and horse and dog..I liked his costume more when he was in an overcoat and black goggles before his enemies..aah..climate around me became full of suspense..and a fresh wave of thrill danced within my nerves..I wanted if i could be that with beautiful Diana Palmer as my Girl funny..!!I can not forget African King of very short height..round shape skirt of leaves..and head Gear and sparrow in his hand..aah..fantastic. Then my next choice was Mandrake The great Magician..Sherlock Holmes..and ..Perry mason..etc.Before High school i saw a single movie in city theater whose ticket i won from a friend in a bet. But after High school during college and after that in six years i saw  about 400 movies.And knew much about this and sex also.After this my liking for movies decreased..and i am content with this..because i know excess of everything is bad…so my scholar was that..? o.k. I love when i think of my childhood..I love All..and its creator The God..above all.And thank him for a cheerful life..Join you soon again..till then..enjoy life..