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Things i saw in my life..part-4-.

Near my house a cyber cafe was opened by the elder son of a Government officer..The boy had passed graduation.His father buyed a large office cum residence in 5000sq.feet on main road to establish his career.The boy was well mannered, cool..and charming. At that time trend of computers and cybercafe had just began and i had to go to his cyber cafe for my computer work..After a year when I bought my own computer I did not go at his cafe.

After a lapse of another six months I heard that the guy had committed suicide.Alas what a tragedy..?But why..? when i enquired from his friends the reality came as under..:-

During his spare time he chatted with online girl friend..she belonged to Japan..he belonged to India..Love level raised up intimate between them..since the boy was single and bachelor..but girl was married and had a few children..she was also in deep love with him..when he proposed her to marry with him..she refused her on the ground that she could not leave Japan for the sake of her upcoming she also loved them so much.That lover tense..fall a prey to depression…day and night began smoking..without disclosing the facts to his parents or brother..and other members of his family..and he gave ultimatum to his girl friend if she does not marry him he will hang himself..In anger the girl said he can do what he likes but she can not marry him. The boy hanged himself in the room of his office from a ceiling fan with a rope..and ended his brilliant life without a good cause.

we can imagine what was the condition of his old parents and family members on seeing the corpse of their young boy..All their hopes in him shattered in a cruel manner.The cyber cafe got closed up..and so much financial loss and humility served on family members..The guy should have thought about Parents.brothers ..sister..also..but No..this generation is not bound to do mercy with their well wishers…It is my opinion friendship via internet has to be more reliable yet..hmmm..

o.k. friends see you next time..bye..till then..


Things I saw in my life..part-3-.

Though i am very young..but from childhood I have habits of watching every thing around me closely and to the best possible attention.People, friends, relatives, teachers,girl friends, their parents,movies, novels.Up to level of high school I had enough of them..I  used to go to town hall after my school. play carom board..and read as many books as possible.Then i was fond of Phantom..his friend king of Wombessy..His trade mark ring of three skeletons..his powerful fists..and horse and dog..I liked his costume more when he was in an overcoat and black goggles before his enemies..aah..climate around me became full of suspense..and a fresh wave of thrill danced within my nerves..I wanted if i could be that with beautiful Diana Palmer as my Girl funny..!!I can not forget African King of very short height..round shape skirt of leaves..and head Gear and sparrow in his hand..aah..fantastic. Then my next choice was Mandrake The great Magician..Sherlock Holmes..and ..Perry mason..etc.Before High school i saw a single movie in city theater whose ticket i won from a friend in a bet. But after High school during college and after that in six years i saw  about 400 movies.And knew much about this and sex also.After this my liking for movies decreased..and i am content with this..because i know excess of everything is bad…so my scholar was that..? o.k. I love when i think of my childhood..I love All..and its creator The God..above all.And thank him for a cheerful life..Join you soon again..till then..enjoy life..

Things i saw in my Life..part-2-

Dear friends, In this world we see around us many things but some of them leave  memories about them behind in our heart.This is just about me..It is about Love affairs and latter about internet friends..Regarding love affairs the most dreadful real story before me came when i was in my High school standard.In our farthest relation there were a old couple who had a son..son was a gentleman , personality holder,cute and about 6 ft in height with excellent health.They had a large building near our house in which they resided. They raised vacant portion of building say second floor on rent. Their tenant had a young daughter..After some time we saw that boy whose name was Mike..was going  along with that tenant girl on a evening walk in the nearby garden..when i saw them many times together i asked my mom..what was the matter..between them..?My mom replied they had just a brother/sister relation this they were telling to their parents so no one had objection.

Boy Mike was a law graduate and practicing in local court..girl Merry was in final year of MBBS means she was doing  Doctors course.We forgot about them..then after a long time i saw that depressed and very dirty cloths..moving on the road..and streets.I was shocked and enquired from my elders what had happened to the lad..who was very jolly up to yesterday had lost his smile..and looking so gloomy and helpless.I was told that one day he lost the balance of his mind when girl refused to go with him as her parents did not allow her..and he was crying..”baby you loved me and promised me to marry..and now how can you break your promise and betray me..?”

Old parents of the boy Mike were  weeping and crying .they lost their worthy and valuable son..For many months the boy named Mike was visible to us bad then worst condition ..then one day he disappeared from the city..and vanished..Despite many newspaper announcements there was no trace of Mike..old parents of Mike wept day and night for him and became blind..and died in trauma and deep anguish…This thing i saw ..i promised with me i shall never believe a girl who says me.”.Darling..I ..Love..You..”until and unless she does not marry me..Therefore  i do not burn my blood in Love affairs..for which i have no regrets on my decision…O.K. guys..let me say bye to you this time..and see you soon..till then remember me and enjoy life..

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