Most of us who want to remain clean in this world make up their mind to remain faithful.during span of their life..whether a man or a woman..But destiny shows its colors and most of us fail to stick to this one reason or other. The types of cases may be different..friend,family,Boss,Religion,caste,Profession,country.The reasons effecting us are mostly

Adverse nature,lack of understanding and flexibility,being fade up, change in habits and nature..due to excess burden in life..or health problems.Freedom of movement,co-education,Job situation with opposite sex, exploitation,greed and Advance Aim for quick development or promotion in life.and in the last bad company and literature through Television, movies,and novels.

I have met many people who fear God..are an exception..and they try to pass a stainless life.

some people are not faithful to their health..and ruin their golden being in overdose of sex, Liquor,and other addictions.They think they are Masters of their own and have every right to do what they want.I wonder..why they forget their are certain formats we are bound to maintain for fulfilling the promises we make with our self….only some dedication and will power is lacking.

We should keep in our mind one person in family who is not a faithful member drags whole family in darkness and doom.