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Things i saw in my life…

Dear friends I am impressed by interest shown in my small blogs by your goodself. with each blog I am getting a new subscriber and i am more than satisfied with this progress.I know it is very difficult

by subscribers to pay attention to each blogger so even I hardly get time to read except a few but still i shall honestly try to read and like their blogs also please be assured and I thank you again for your cooperation.

I promise I shall write throughout my life till you like it to read.

Today i like to share with you many things which i saw in my life up to this date..this is just a head line the detail i shall not go for the time being.

I saw schoolmates running away from class to watch a movie in city theaters often.

I saw my relative girl writing love letter to a boy and got beaten up by her parents.

I saw my cousin sister reading sex books which she got from his boy friend and her father caught her

took her to terrace of his house where i followed him and witnessed the kicks she received at her waist.

I saw my mothers only brother going against his parents in company of his arrogant wife whom he loved very much.

That brother left his old parents lonely and went to live in the city of his inlaws.

That brother rushed back to his parents when his little only boy was getting spoiled in bad company.

In my locality my chatter friend while standing in street used to make unfair gesture to a spicy girl with curl hair and big eyes when she used to stand before window of her room. He boasted about his story with us..and one day I heard he ran away from city as people beat him severely while in midnight he was trying to get in her room at first floor.

and residents woke up and done the rest with him.

I saw( three times)three different married women well married and living  happily with their spouses ran away leaving their children behind alongwith their new lovers.

I saw a woman having sex relation with her hubby’s manager. she was having two children.  she axed her husband beheaded him while he was deep sleep along with her in bed..then  cut his body in 20 pieces then poured kerosin on the mutilited body in the day light when her children were away at school. But she did not know that on burning human flesh emits unbearable odour..Neighboures when saw the black fumes coming out through house window informed the Local Police.And She and

her paramor are under life imprisonment.Though her husband was a millionare …she got on the wrong foot and made her tiny tots orphans and created problems for them  throughout their life they will live.

My dear friends it is a shocking stuff but true. But showed me the path as follows:

1.I shall not leave my parents whenever i get married.I shall serve them more than i serve my wife.

2.I shall not cross the borders in case of love and sex.

In this way you see life teaches you from what things you see in your life.

I shall continue more next time till then my beautiful too see things in your life and know thy path finder. with loves..have a nice day and night..!!.


To Be Faithful is not so Easy..

Most of us who want to remain clean in this world make up their mind to remain faithful.during span of their life..whether a man or a woman..But destiny shows its colors and most of us fail to stick to this one reason or other. The types of cases may be different..friend,family,Boss,Religion,caste,Profession,country.The reasons effecting us are mostly

Adverse nature,lack of understanding and flexibility,being fade up, change in habits and nature..due to excess burden in life..or health problems.Freedom of movement,co-education,Job situation with opposite sex, exploitation,greed and Advance Aim for quick development or promotion in life.and in the last bad company and literature through Television, movies,and novels.

I have met many people who fear God..are an exception..and they try to pass a stainless life.

some people are not faithful to their health..and ruin their golden being in overdose of sex, Liquor,and other addictions.They think they are Masters of their own and have every right to do what they want.I wonder..why they forget their are certain formats we are bound to maintain for fulfilling the promises we make with our self….only some dedication and will power is lacking.

We should keep in our mind one person in family who is not a faithful member drags whole family in darkness and doom.

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