Many people who are very rich..or actors..or players..or artists..or Doctors..or Engineers..who stand in the list of celebrities may often declare that the key of their success in their life is their hard work..some say it as a grace of God along with it.I meet so many people. so in this context i  thought very much..and came to the conclusion.that Hard work is essential in life primarily but piece of luck is required to get desired results from that.Regarding hard work a grass cutter or a gardener works very hard for the day gets a few dollars as his labor income..while a diamond cutter gets many times more than him with a less effort.There are so many Doctors who practice..but some become famous..and we see lines of people outside their in every field this we see…luck is everywhere..which is not in our hands..It is doing of God who decides to materialise our hard way of good luck..or bad luck.Due to luck there are so many people poor, so many rich..I think cream of our luck is in the hands of we should worship Him and pray always at his feet for Good result of our hard work.