As per expectations I got objections from some readers that i was harsh on women. And i had to give explaination in my last blog and tried to clear my position. Actually a woman is internationally accepted as an angel..mother who gave birth to so many celebrities..and everyone should have soft corner for them and they should enjoy plus points than a Man.My little effort here is to say that a woman enjoys such privilege due to sacrifice made in ancient time. when a woman made herself. Thank you prisoner in her house and did domestic work  and looked after her family children and elders. A few were exception and did job or business for livelihood.But time has changed..woman has got good freedom..or free hand in every aspect of her life..viz. education,career, marriage or say her life. They have been granted good independence by Man community.Now the problem arised when a woman began to take undue advantage of this fascility..this is case of woman who is on wrong foot..this is not for all women..I feel sorry for who do not care for their families, friends, career..or  even God. In this age woman has got many Legal powers..that no body can dare torture a woman..a few cases may be exception. so I strongly appeal to woman community to think of them, their reputation, their parents or families and bring a good name to woman community. I do not want that anybody should say that this or that woman is bad. I know when a man or a woman is wrong they say they are right.they can point their finger at me..this has been happening always.i do not take it at my heart thank you.