Dear friends i am glad i have completed 25 blogs . To err is human. so I am liable to be excused for anything i wrote may have hurt the sentiments of any reader . Please be sure this may happen unknowingly. for example when i wrote “A Man versus a Woman.” some women may feel friends today i have this opportunity to submit my Explanation to you..That i am a writer, A commentator,a poet..or  a you it is..I am not against  a man or a woman..some day i can write about a Man..then i have to describe the story..or facts about is irrespective of any relation to anybody..or to say that I Am not Biased..towards anybody in this world. I Love  everyone in this world whom God has made.I have no right to say ill  about  anyone..or to laugh at  anyone..I am only distributing my knowledge,experiences..or say sharing with please have patience and enjoy the writing..and oblige.The sole purpose is that if something is wrong we may

make correction in our  attitude and pass a happy life in coming friends i shall be  soon back to you with my next episode..till then..enjoy life.Thank you once again for your humble cooperation.