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Our Eating and sleeping habits..

Long time ago as you know my single friend who migrated to U.S.A..told me that American children..and residents are given all Important knowledge about their body..and life line.They calculate calories..and maintain necessary level of fat in the body.But I think this is not true now..most of  us have no time to care for our health..or food we are eating is fast or junk food..which increases

fat and pave the path for overweight, Blood pressure, Sugar, Thyroid,cancer..they are family of desease..If you have one you are prone to others sooner or latter if you are take up treatment.

I am a vegetarian..i know the benefit of it..This food is cheap..and organic properties in it.It has plenty of vitamins needed by our body..and minerals too..if supported by fruit juices, salad,and soups.

The people who are Non vegetarian..using Fish, shrimp,goat, pig..or animal meat have following disadvantage..It costs more,it is heavy for body and stomach in terms of digestion power of a do not know whether it is contaminated..or it comes from Deep Freezers..It takes more time to get cooked..and more expertise needed.

Some people say that they get energy more by Non…Then what do you think about an Elephant..who has got so much power..and a Horse..After whom we say Horse power are vegetarians.

After food other controlling power for our health is our sleeping habit..It is a saying..old saying…

“Early to bed..and early to Rise..makes a man..”Healthy  Wealthy and Wise.”

Following the western culture now a days people sleep late in night and wake up at 10 am..or so on.

This is also so harmful for our body..we have very less idea..I am not an expert of the subject but have personal experience.I have been benefited by rise early from the bed..It gives me pleasure..and happiness to rise early. so I want may think on this tip..and try for once..if find it true…..see you next time dear friends..It is too cold bye.Take care..


If anyone says you something..

If anyone says to me, you or us.something.we should try to hear him/her with patience and respect and desire to know something useful sentence..which can… may be.. change the course of our life if that relates to be good..correct thing..I will not plead wrong things to follow  from others ..choose what is right thing..avoid what is wrong your inner mind judges for you.You can analyse by pondering over his saying three times within you then come to conclusion whether he is right or wrong for you.This case should be applicable irrespective of the class of that person..above you..or at par with you..or below your class.He may be a labor class, he may be a beggar..or a villager.some people interrupt you in the middle of talk..and say ..ohh..that i already know..i knew that..thanks for please this is my request..not an when i was talking about A man Versus a woman..I see that a woman should be on the top of our society..because she is a mother. who gives birth to us..and opens the gates of heaven for us..because The Man is Next to God..that comes to existence with the help of a woman..

A woman beggar came at my door..with a child..she was young strong. I stared at her in anguish.then said her..when she is fit for work..why she she is begging door to door..why she does not work and  achieve respect in life and society..she seemed to be ashamed..yet i gave her what i had to give..may hope a sentence of mine may change her life who knows..And there are very beautiful women, and girls..they turn to be prostitutes, and endanger their valuable unsocial elements..when go on dating at cost..we read in news papers i think daily such a girl has to die..or commit suicide..and the number is on the rise.The girls who are prostitutes..suffer from many problems of health..and in their old age…have to pay heavily on medical bills..what they earned have to body comes before them  at hour of distress..Why chose such path..a single girl if does Job..or work can earn a lot of money, happiness and satisfaction than a girl who is a street beggar or a pro.And when their parents were saying them(to their children) ..they were not listening many years ago..because they were full to the brim of youth,,and were blind to see.. and deaf to hear that saying  pointing at now please..i have to go now..

A Man versus a woman..3

As per expectations I got objections from some readers that i was harsh on women. And i had to give explaination in my last blog and tried to clear my position. Actually a woman is internationally accepted as an angel..mother who gave birth to so many celebrities..and everyone should have soft corner for them and they should enjoy plus points than a Man.My little effort here is to say that a woman enjoys such privilege due to sacrifice made in ancient time. when a woman made herself. Thank you prisoner in her house and did domestic work  and looked after her family children and elders. A few were exception and did job or business for livelihood.But time has changed..woman has got good freedom..or free hand in every aspect of her life..viz. education,career, marriage or say her life. They have been granted good independence by Man community.Now the problem arised when a woman began to take undue advantage of this fascility..this is case of woman who is on wrong foot..this is not for all women..I feel sorry for who do not care for their families, friends, career..or  even God. In this age woman has got many Legal powers..that no body can dare torture a woman..a few cases may be exception. so I strongly appeal to woman community to think of them, their reputation, their parents or families and bring a good name to woman community. I do not want that anybody should say that this or that woman is bad. I know when a man or a woman is wrong they say they are right.they can point their finger at me..this has been happening always.i do not take it at my heart thank you.

My Explanation worth reading….

Dear friends i am glad i have completed 25 blogs . To err is human. so I am liable to be excused for anything i wrote may have hurt the sentiments of any reader . Please be sure this may happen unknowingly. for example when i wrote “A Man versus a Woman.” some women may feel friends today i have this opportunity to submit my Explanation to you..That i am a writer, A commentator,a poet..or  a you it is..I am not against  a man or a woman..some day i can write about a Man..then i have to describe the story..or facts about is irrespective of any relation to anybody..or to say that I Am not Biased..towards anybody in this world. I Love  everyone in this world whom God has made.I have no right to say ill  about  anyone..or to laugh at  anyone..I am only distributing my knowledge,experiences..or say sharing with please have patience and enjoy the writing..and oblige.The sole purpose is that if something is wrong we may

make correction in our  attitude and pass a happy life in coming friends i shall be  soon back to you with my next episode..till then..enjoy life.Thank you once again for your humble cooperation.

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