since my little age..since my maturity 18 years..i have been silently trying to watch opposite sex..i read a lot of literature on women General, Good or bad..or of criminal mind..and i enjoyed it because I think that If i stand on beach of a sea..see the ships sailing in the sea, people swimming in the sea, water ski games,noise of waves,I can not get tired by this..but i can get tired soon if I jump in the sea and begin to swim.We see a movie in the theater but actors who play and take part in it get tired..and bored

sometimes.or always.I have benefited much by doing in this part of my note I describe my experience with women.I have seen a woman who is very simple. Then i have seen a woman who is selfish..Then i have seen a woman who is prepared to do anything if i am obedient to her, I have seen a woman who is talking always sweet before me but criticise me on my back.I have seen a woman who is jealous of my life style and flourish.I have seen a woman who is a slave of her husband, I have seen a woman who is a thief, I have seen a woman who is always demanding anything from anyone when get acqainted..I have seen a woman who is a blabber..and have no control over her mouth. I have no objection for women being all that because I am not a Lord or God. I am telling this how i can decide if i have to select a woman for my life. she  will not tell me that she is this or she is that.I have to be so experienced to look into her eyes and voice and body language to know what qualities she has Got.Only problem is that this is not possible to attain till I am able to get into touch with women..say in locality, Malls,train, cinema halls,business customers, friends and their relatives so it is a totally long procedure yet i have to follow..and that process can be infinite. so not possible till God helps me..hee hee i have to laugh on myself  friends..yet search will be on..bless me.

More in my next..please till then I say  a Good bye.