so dear friends please excuse me for at present i am not injecting luring photos in my blogs..because I am rough, I have rough experience in life..and i like to present my views unpolished as i think certain things look good in unpolished form..sculptures,old cars,old paintings, old rice..i mean to say i am interested in non glamours form of things. so last time i talked about A man versus a woman.

A man is less worth of pity in social life..if there is tangle between two opposite sexes whether may be

family, friends, or foes..balance of favor goes to a woman. A man commits a crime..and a woman commits same crime..they do not get equal punishment..I know one of my friend in Russia…The man and a woman came closer in love..had a live in relation for three years..produced two girl babies in that tenure..Man earns ..and his woman wants him to do work in kitchen also..and other domestic work..

she is spendthrift and does not want to calculate how much the man has to earn for her and her children..she did not inform the Municipal authorities of father of children..nor she is ready to marry him in a court or that man loves loves the babies both girl weeping before me ..if he leaves her home the life of babies will get ruined..I talked with that girl..she simply said she shall marry him when she is sure and satisfied.Perhaps she is waiting to have a third baby..after that she will be entitled to a free residential house by the per scheme.

Houses in Russia are very you see life of a man is at stake for sake of a ruthless woman..who has no heart..This episode gives us message that women are also prone to mistakes which are against humanity and come under class of bruitality.I want to say that so many things in this world happen we can not help stop them between a man and a woman…so friends time to get going now till our next visit best of luck and wish you Merry Christmas..and happiness all the year that is of New year..bye.