It has been a trend in this world that since many ages this calculation is yet not complete.Whether A man is superior or a woman. Since a man is surely dependent upon a many fields of life…willingly or unwillingly he has to give woman  more marks..A woman serves in multipurpose way

to a give him his heir, look after his children,look after his kitchen and other daily needs.

while a man only stands for monetary support to a woman. Give her money, status in society.

But i have found a man is always on the driver seat..he gives more advice and takes less from a woman

this is just because the circle of his thinking is vast,big and experienced. A woman is least open to freedom and experience in life. A woman due to her body structure has limited capacity of strength

while  a man is fearless/.A man has love for a woman he can express. A woman hardly express her sentiments even to her a woman is more obedient to her man but a man is not in most of cases.I am sorry to find that relation between a man and a woman are strained and this ratio is on the increase..there are many reasons for which break up in relation are taking place.

I have seen many cases in my life and i wonder how this world will run when a man and a woman is always fighting.. sorry i am in a hurry to  go somewhere..and see you in my next visit…bye.