I have been in touch of Internet since last four years..It has been my habit that once anybody adds me a friend..or i add him/her i never delete from my side. Because i think friendship is an asset in life..what subject we hesitate to discuss with parents, brothers or other family members can be discussed with friends that too in a natural and light way. To be honest i have to disclose that i have girls more in my friends list. so one friend who added me asked me you have a long list of girl friends..so i replied her promptly that i am doing research on girls, females or women..i accept all ages as a friend. Because there is less about to know about men..and i feel nature of women is different..so what is nature in average, their similarities, liking, disliking, wisdom, duty, boldness, depth,. I found a vast variety everywhere..most women are unhappy, some are happy, some are so so ..in their life. I am sad at their state of affairs..some are employed some unemployed. some are rich ..some are poor..but on hearing them i have sympathy with them and try to share their grief without hesitation. some are harsh..some are sensitive..I even try to help them financially..though i never met them face to face..i can not shake hands even with them personally..I am happy none of my friend refuses to send me his/ her postal address..they have confidence in me and mostly write me by postal service.I promise them i shall remain faithful and keep their stories secret..and i am proud of them they believe in me.

I always found that a woman becomes unhappy due to sole reason that is Lack of politeness..that is also adopting of a High Head… This is only a field they are defeated or discarded by men..so i always advice them to remain patient,content,and polite in life.My dear friends my profession is not that of preaching to others..Actually i hate preaching it is a worst instrument in my life..it is a head ache to preach others..but alaas!! (Oh) tears shade from my eyes when i hear stories..and i can not hold myself to say right thing to them to get some relief and cure for their weird life.

so dear friends i do not know what do you think about me..but i have done my work by telling you a True-tell…so time to say bye now..wish you all the best till my next note..