Everyone knows the rule yet rules are made to be broken ..previously i have said quantity of wisdom is different in everybody.some people eating sweets like to taste sore willingly or unwillingly.

I am unhappy while i see thousands of precious lives are lost while doing mad acts..they do not care how they attained the age of 25 years..how many people added their effort on them..They do not hear anything and always make mockery of good advice.

When i came out of college i received a phone call from a person i had applied for job..he told me to come over his apartment..I went on the address given to me ..that was a multistory building..with large car parking on the Ground floor.By using the lift i went on the sixth floor at particular room number.

I rang the bell nobody replied..after three efforts..i looked at the knob of the door and rotated it to see whether it was open or not. I found the door was open..i called from outside Hello..hello..tuck tuck knocked too at the door slowly..but there was no reply. I gathered some courage and opened the door thinking that all must be in next room so peeped in and went two step forward.I saw it was a well furnished room of that Arab who talked to me..there were shelves. cupboards..and behind it shoes of

members of the house and children shoes lined in order.So i got sure that that was the room of a rich family. Now to be honest following thoughts flashed in my mind..please hear carefully.

1. how good it would be if nobody is there and i collect the bounty(money and loot) and go away..as owner had not seen my face.

2. My another mind said no no..this is unfair..if i stepped in and owner came from somewhere he will

raise  alert..and i can be handed over to police..though he had phoned me to come there..but at that time he can insist why you touched my property then i could not find an answer..I will face hate,get punishment..as cutting hands of thieves..oh..oh..no and my relative who sponsered me for the visit visa..could be thrown out from that country..and with my folly his family and career could be  ruined.And i could be cursed by them.

3. I thought within me..how much i can get will destroy my peace of mind..and my life is long i can earn money with honesty hard work and pride yet it may take some more years.I did not want to make my parents head down in shame with any wrong act.

4. I quickly came out from that room closed the door with knob..still stood there for a few minutes

for my interviewer..but nothing doing..so stepped back and came back to my residence.

5. Up to this day i thank God to show me right path..when no one was there at that lonely place to guide me.I thought what must have been transpired..The interviewer must have left the room in a hurry to take his children to school..or hospital..and when he closed the door knob  did not work properly..aned door remained unlocked.

6. Time told me i was not wrong at that time..because i own..honesty, pride and honor which is a real asset for me.more than money .

so dear friends many chances come in life..we should decide matters on the merits..and should not do anything which is against the law and punishment.

yet i see this world is strange so many young boys,girls, couples, old men and women..are doing which they should not do..even though they know the consequences..they spoil their lives..die in jail..or choose the path of suicide in depression..and feeling of shame.

Thank you guys..time to go..write me how you like it..take care ..bye.