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Experience with women….

since my little age..since my maturity 18 years..i have been silently trying to watch opposite sex..i read a lot of literature on women General, Good or bad..or of criminal mind..and i enjoyed it because I think that If i stand on beach of a sea..see the ships sailing in the sea, people swimming in the sea, water ski games,noise of waves,I can not get tired by this..but i can get tired soon if I jump in the sea and begin to swim.We see a movie in the theater but actors who play and take part in it get tired..and bored

sometimes.or always.I have benefited much by doing in this part of my note I describe my experience with women.I have seen a woman who is very simple. Then i have seen a woman who is selfish..Then i have seen a woman who is prepared to do anything if i am obedient to her, I have seen a woman who is talking always sweet before me but criticise me on my back.I have seen a woman who is jealous of my life style and flourish.I have seen a woman who is a slave of her husband, I have seen a woman who is a thief, I have seen a woman who is always demanding anything from anyone when get acqainted..I have seen a woman who is a blabber..and have no control over her mouth. I have no objection for women being all that because I am not a Lord or God. I am telling this how i can decide if i have to select a woman for my life. she  will not tell me that she is this or she is that.I have to be so experienced to look into her eyes and voice and body language to know what qualities she has Got.Only problem is that this is not possible to attain till I am able to get into touch with women..say in locality, Malls,train, cinema halls,business customers, friends and their relatives so it is a totally long procedure yet i have to follow..and that process can be infinite. so not possible till God helps me..hee hee i have to laugh on myself  friends..yet search will be on..bless me.

More in my next..please till then I say  a Good bye.


A man versus a woman..Part-2-

so dear friends please excuse me for at present i am not injecting luring photos in my blogs..because I am rough, I have rough experience in life..and i like to present my views unpolished as i think certain things look good in unpolished form..sculptures,old cars,old paintings, old rice..i mean to say i am interested in non glamours form of things. so last time i talked about A man versus a woman.

A man is less worth of pity in social life..if there is tangle between two opposite sexes whether may be

family, friends, or foes..balance of favor goes to a woman. A man commits a crime..and a woman commits same crime..they do not get equal punishment..I know one of my friend in Russia…The man and a woman came closer in love..had a live in relation for three years..produced two girl babies in that tenure..Man earns ..and his woman wants him to do work in kitchen also..and other domestic work..

she is spendthrift and does not want to calculate how much the man has to earn for her and her children..she did not inform the Municipal authorities of father of children..nor she is ready to marry him in a court or that man loves loves the babies both girl weeping before me ..if he leaves her home the life of babies will get ruined..I talked with that girl..she simply said she shall marry him when she is sure and satisfied.Perhaps she is waiting to have a third baby..after that she will be entitled to a free residential house by the per scheme.

Houses in Russia are very you see life of a man is at stake for sake of a ruthless woman..who has no heart..This episode gives us message that women are also prone to mistakes which are against humanity and come under class of bruitality.I want to say that so many things in this world happen we can not help stop them between a man and a woman…so friends time to get going now till our next visit best of luck and wish you Merry Christmas..and happiness all the year that is of New year..bye.

A man Versus A woman….

It has been a trend in this world that since many ages this calculation is yet not complete.Whether A man is superior or a woman. Since a man is surely dependent upon a many fields of life…willingly or unwillingly he has to give woman  more marks..A woman serves in multipurpose way

to a give him his heir, look after his children,look after his kitchen and other daily needs.

while a man only stands for monetary support to a woman. Give her money, status in society.

But i have found a man is always on the driver seat..he gives more advice and takes less from a woman

this is just because the circle of his thinking is vast,big and experienced. A woman is least open to freedom and experience in life. A woman due to her body structure has limited capacity of strength

while  a man is fearless/.A man has love for a woman he can express. A woman hardly express her sentiments even to her a woman is more obedient to her man but a man is not in most of cases.I am sorry to find that relation between a man and a woman are strained and this ratio is on the increase..there are many reasons for which break up in relation are taking place.

I have seen many cases in my life and i wonder how this world will run when a man and a woman is always fighting.. sorry i am in a hurry to  go somewhere..and see you in my next visit…bye.

Dearth of politeness..

I have been in touch of Internet since last four years..It has been my habit that once anybody adds me a friend..or i add him/her i never delete from my side. Because i think friendship is an asset in life..what subject we hesitate to discuss with parents, brothers or other family members can be discussed with friends that too in a natural and light way. To be honest i have to disclose that i have girls more in my friends list. so one friend who added me asked me you have a long list of girl i replied her promptly that i am doing research on girls, females or women..i accept all ages as a friend. Because there is less about to know about men..and i feel nature of women is what is nature in average, their similarities, liking, disliking, wisdom, duty, boldness, depth,. I found a vast variety everywhere..most women are unhappy, some are happy, some are so so their life. I am sad at their state of affairs..some are employed some unemployed. some are rich ..some are poor..but on hearing them i have sympathy with them and try to share their grief without hesitation. some are harsh..some are sensitive..I even try to help them financially..though i never met them face to face..i can not shake hands even with them personally..I am happy none of my friend refuses to send me his/ her postal address..they have confidence in me and mostly write me by postal service.I promise them i shall remain faithful and keep their stories secret..and i am proud of them they believe in me.

I always found that a woman becomes unhappy due to sole reason that is Lack of politeness..that is also adopting of a High Head… This is only a field they are defeated or discarded by i always advice them to remain patient,content,and polite in life.My dear friends my profession is not that of preaching to others..Actually i hate preaching it is a worst instrument in my is a head ache to preach others..but alaas!! (Oh) tears shade from my eyes when i hear stories..and i can not hold myself to say right thing to them to get some relief and cure for their weird life.

so dear friends i do not know what do you think about me..but i have done my work by telling you a True-tell…so time to say bye now..wish you all the best till my next note..

This world is strange…..

Everyone knows the rule yet rules are made to be broken ..previously i have said quantity of wisdom is different in everybody.some people eating sweets like to taste sore willingly or unwillingly.

I am unhappy while i see thousands of precious lives are lost while doing mad acts..they do not care how they attained the age of 25 many people added their effort on them..They do not hear anything and always make mockery of good advice.

When i came out of college i received a phone call from a person i had applied for job..he told me to come over his apartment..I went on the address given to me ..that was a multistory building..with large car parking on the Ground floor.By using the lift i went on the sixth floor at particular room number.

I rang the bell nobody replied..after three efforts..i looked at the knob of the door and rotated it to see whether it was open or not. I found the door was open..i called from outside Hello..hello..tuck tuck knocked too at the door slowly..but there was no reply. I gathered some courage and opened the door thinking that all must be in next room so peeped in and went two step forward.I saw it was a well furnished room of that Arab who talked to me..there were shelves. cupboards..and behind it shoes of

members of the house and children shoes lined in order.So i got sure that that was the room of a rich family. Now to be honest following thoughts flashed in my mind..please hear carefully.

1. how good it would be if nobody is there and i collect the bounty(money and loot) and go owner had not seen my face.

2. My another mind said no no..this is unfair..if i stepped in and owner came from somewhere he will

raise  alert..and i can be handed over to police..though he had phoned me to come there..but at that time he can insist why you touched my property then i could not find an answer..I will face hate,get cutting hands of and my relative who sponsered me for the visit visa..could be thrown out from that country..and with my folly his family and career could be  ruined.And i could be cursed by them.

3. I thought within much i can get will destroy my peace of mind..and my life is long i can earn money with honesty hard work and pride yet it may take some more years.I did not want to make my parents head down in shame with any wrong act.

4. I quickly came out from that room closed the door with knob..still stood there for a few minutes

for my interviewer..but nothing stepped back and came back to my residence.

5. Up to this day i thank God to show me right path..when no one was there at that lonely place to guide me.I thought what must have been transpired..The interviewer must have left the room in a hurry to take his children to school..or hospital..and when he closed the door knob  did not work properly..aned door remained unlocked.

6. Time told me i was not wrong at that time..because i own..honesty, pride and honor which is a real asset for me.more than money .

so dear friends many chances come in life..we should decide matters on the merits..and should not do anything which is against the law and punishment.

yet i see this world is strange so many young boys,girls, couples, old men and women..are doing which they should not do..even though they know the consequences..they spoil their lives..die in jail..or choose the path of suicide in depression..and feeling of shame.

Thank you guys..time to go..write me how you like it..take care ..bye.

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