When i see television..and shows therein,for singing,general knowledge, dancing..etc I see young boys from 6 to 16 years

doing more good than their seniors I become very happy they chose their aim early in life.If we have to get our aim in time we should  start ahead of time to catch it at right stage.Whenever some one tried to distract me from my aim..tried to make

negative comments I grew more positive and alert.For example after passing High school i choose Engineering my subject

for onward studies..My uncle who was an accounts clerk declared to my mom that i can not do Engineering..I was 15 years of age that time..when i heard him saying this my face became red with anguish and anger..when he went away i said to mom o.k. i accept his challenge and will show him that what i can do.There are many instances more people tried to harass me. more i became powerful in thinking..I enjoyed their cricism of mine and i felt their power is coming within me.

So i was saying that it is right to say, Where there is a will..There is a way.

so friends to chose our aim early in life we have following benifits:

We get busy in our age ..have less time for breeding of bad character.Many people fall a prey to bad things when they are idle or work in their middle age.Because now a days parents  have no courage to keep a watch on their sons or daughters.

we can  become self dependent regarding money matters..or pocket money and can help parents too.

so my dear friends..more i write in my next visit..till then bye bye.