My dear friends what i am telling you all this when no one has asked me..This is just because I want to expose what  is within me. within my mind and thoughts..I can increase my writing power, my expression power..and feel confident in my life and my theories..I am of the view that i want to learn till the last day of my life..I can share my experience with my readers,friends and family members..If they can they can take good lesson from it and neglect my wrongs..

If we want to know something we have to go in that thing..If there is a pit we have to know what its depth is ..and what will happen if we are careless and if fell into that..will it be repairable or irepairable loss to our life and body.

Everybody,s life is not just a cake we should try our level best to understand education about our personal permanent happiness..should be cautious with our decision power in the field of basics of health, behaviour, carrier,

duties towards home, family and parents and other partners in life. when people fail in absense of such factors they

fail in their aims objects..fall a prey to indignition in society.and either suffer from inferiority complex..depression..and

some take leave from their valuable life by way of suicide..As latest news you must have heard about a cricketer who

jumped from sixth floor of a hotel when police went to arrest him..I get sorry for such valuable lives..and compelled to write such topics as i chose to..I beg your pardon..I shall continue in my next note..till then ..please have a nice day..always.byee…see you..!!