Dear friends every man in this world thinks that he is wise,  complete and correct in thought. He is superior to others . And most people say..”Hey i know all please do not try to teach me..” so most are egoist…a small number of people are ready to learn either from their parents, relatives, or friends and teachers.This life is a sea where everyday is a lesson much twist takes place in our life..we try our level best yet it is a rough  path..failures haunts at many junctions in field of

personal relation,Education.,social life, health and financial strength.So one day i began to think why people are different..?

What happened that on one condolence gathering which i attended after the function the visitors take leave of deceased family by going before them in a long que and  with folded hands with inclined head passed before them then disperse.

so their were about one thousand persons in the congregation..came one by one i was also standing with the family..number one came then two ,three. fourth fifth…and 999th..I was amazed all faces were different, some in height, voice ,

face, eyes, hands, hair, feet, walking style, looking style.. they never matched with one pair..Oh God..!!! how great artisan you were when you made them..Then you see who the God is..

Then i got the solution why every people has different luck.He he..(smile). Because Quantity of wisdom is not equal within them..some have Abundant, some have sufficient, some have medium, some have short..and some have nil means mentally retarded. Some are born wise, some are trained wise, some are followers wise..and some are overwise.some are genius, some are perfect.These  some are scientists, some are Doctors, some are Engineers, some are actors, some are celebrities, some are terrorists, some are beggars. Their wisdom has an important chemistry with company..or surrounding they have before them.. . Good company works as a catalyst for your uplift in life and glory.

Before finishing this “tell” truetells thanks all my followers for their great and nice company..for which i am happy.

Please bless me  so that i can write for you with more zeal and glamour.Till next..please  enjoy life.