As you know life is barren without a friend..whether it may be one two or many. But your choice should be selective.Always we should try to choose a friend who is more capable of all things we want to see in him. we can learn his good habits, knowledge, mental support and guidance.In my view one best friend is better than ten bad friends.More friends can misguide

and cloud our thinking like a rain bow..that means many colors.I had but one best friend  he migrated to another country

for better  i was dependent much upon him like telling him what was in my heart anytime and eased my mind pressure. He calmed me by his wise advise..or said o.k. let it happen we will see to it..or say Do not worry i am with you.!!

So i was compelled in his absence to find his substitute..and thought of making myself my best funny??

But believe me it is a very brilliant with yourself share your problems and find solution by talking your in many times in a free is 100 percent secret..and effective ..but talk from all angels and on trial and error method..

After some months you will understand the tune of your soul and get instructions from your inside heart..pick this! drop that!you can blow my idea in air but i can not force anyone to obey is yours ruin it or rebuild it is your choice.

since you are my friend too so i wanted to share good thinks with you..

In the last i may tell you one thing nothing is small in this world whether it may be zero, full stop or proper time they  exhibit their value and importance in our life. he friends wont make you bore more today..

see you soon till then..bye bye…