I am update now ornamented with basics of  life and passed the phase of childhood,education primary, secondary, and higher education through college..and in the last my career and professional happiness.

I shall recall in short..though i have been intermittently describing my life..yet will try to fill in some blanks if left in to

feel satisfied.In my childhood i was the star of my family and enjoy love from all quarters of family members.

My mom always prayed God..that I should grow wise and capable to handle life  with ease..I should be an Engineer and bring the name to our past and present generation. I am grateful to her for her sacrifices for me..And i tried my level best not to see a drop of tears in her eyes due to me.I was most obedient to her and always felt honor to obey her and her preaching

It is a matter of my childhood , I went to the nearby flour mill to take the wheat flour..and paid the flour mill owner a hundred Rupee note..and he gave me back ten Rupees in excess with balance amount.. which i noted and took the money home.I told my mom that he had paid me in excess..she immediately asked me to go to him and return him Rupees Ten.

I was fearing to go back lest he can scold me..so told the problem to my mom..she consoled me and said If you politely request him to accept back excess amount by mistake..he will never scold you..and will appreciate your honesty.

Because who are true ..they are bold..and become bold to accept their mistakes.

so i went and paid mill owner sum of Ten Rs. and he smiled and raised me in his hugs..and said one day I will go ahead in life.so I am nothing, It is Godly Gift to me for such thinking.

My mom encouraged me to singing..so i practiced and they say i am a good bathroom singer.I sing for myself..but neighbours like it..they hear my voice which peeps through their windows to their ears.

I was very weak in mathematics and drawing in my school time..Teachers slapped me many times so i made up my mind

and used to get up early in the morning 4 or 5 am and practiced a lot till i was o.k.

I also loved to write letters to friends and relatives. My relatives ordered me to write letters on their behalf..and i have much practice to writing. When i wrote my personal letters to anybody i kept in mind it should be impressive, self explainatory, short..and purposeful.  when some one reads he should feel i am before him and talking with him.

My dear friends i am overwhelmed to find that a lot of you are giving positive response for my writing and subscribing me.

since you are my friend i want it  reveal to you that I am writing all my blogs in first attempt..that means i do not take note book with me to prepare rough work.I never make a draft in this computer. I just type and check spellings twice then save and click publish. I am not so smart in English to boast of no mistakes I can make mistakes which as a friend or brother i request you to ignore and forgive me as still i am weak in English.I can save a lot of time and energy and can be with you for more writing. ..so time to say you bye..till my next..please .