I cleared or say passed my Degree from college with flying colors..I wanted to do Further studies..but i felt that it was urgent

to earn some income to promote our living standard.I was basically interested to start my own business but for lack of funds and experience it was wise to do a job for at least three years to add a feather in my cap for being a successful business man.

I immediately got a job in my first interview by grace of God..was appointed for six months on probation or say watch..then i was confirmed. After three years experience i left the job at my own will . , relatives and friends protested ..and called me a fool. As i was not hearing them.Main reason for leaving the job was to earn self respect,using full strength in work and get confidence in facing difficulties in life.In job you do not feel difficulty as loss of any type is suffered by your Boss.But when business is yours you have to be careful daily for steps taken by you to get good returns.

I was a good salesman and could impress anyone with my presentation power..and with smiling face.i got into focus easily.

I personally went to construction sites..and where owners were getting supplies already I offered better quality and discount rate and quick service fascility..In case of complaint free replacement option. With many other tricks soon i got established in market.And thanked God for giving me courage to think always of improvement in life.

After achieving my aim..i slowly got relaxed..and began to look towards my life..and  started to learn art of understanding people. More in my next episode..Friends be sure i will be back soon..