Dear Readers I am glad to find your kind attention and reading my writing with a

lot of interest as subscriptions to truetells are on the rise gradually.

It made me turn to you earlier for yet another post before time.

so i was narrating days of my youth ..packed with dedication towards my aim..and parents..and career.However Engineering college life was colorful, enterprising.Full of joy and glory.Movies,Picnics, outings,haha..all that along with

tough training physical and charm towards life and activity was worth.But by grace of God i utilised  that time in good company.I followed brilliant students not bad and richer.I always thought i shall be like good where there is a will there is a way.That foundation age of my life gave me more than expectations without any trouble.

I also  mentioned how sexy thoughts attacked me..sometimes i could not sleep

due to bad thoughts..then prayed God to show me right path..i used to quarrel with myself these things can be attained afterwards also. No Girls..

My these views earned me a lot of respect from all quarters.Many girls used to send me letters..which i read, smiled..and tear apart to pieces..But i had soft corner for such girls who dared to open their heart for me.At least i was content with my capacity to make room in anybody,s heart.

After college what?..i shall describe in my next note.I shall be back soon..