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Where there is a will….

When i see television..and shows therein,for singing,general knowledge, dancing..etc I see young boys from 6 to 16 years

doing more good than their seniors I become very happy they chose their aim early in life.If we have to get our aim in time we should  start ahead of time to catch it at right stage.Whenever some one tried to distract me from my aim..tried to make

negative comments I grew more positive and alert.For example after passing High school i choose Engineering my subject

for onward studies..My uncle who was an accounts clerk declared to my mom that i can not do Engineering..I was 15 years of age that time..when i heard him saying this my face became red with anguish and anger..when he went away i said to mom o.k. i accept his challenge and will show him that what i can do.There are many instances more people tried to harass me. more i became powerful in thinking..I enjoyed their cricism of mine and i felt their power is coming within me.

So i was saying that it is right to say, Where there is a will..There is a way.

so friends to chose our aim early in life we have following benifits:

We get busy in our age ..have less time for breeding of bad character.Many people fall a prey to bad things when they are idle or work in their middle age.Because now a days parents  have no courage to keep a watch on their sons or daughters.

we can  become self dependent regarding money matters..or pocket money and can help parents too.

so my dear friends..more i write in my next visit..till then bye bye.


Why I am telling you all this…

My dear friends what i am telling you all this when no one has asked me..This is just because I want to expose what  is within me. within my mind and thoughts..I can increase my writing power, my expression power..and feel confident in my life and my theories..I am of the view that i want to learn till the last day of my life..I can share my experience with my readers,friends and family members..If they can they can take good lesson from it and neglect my wrongs..

If we want to know something we have to go in that thing..If there is a pit we have to know what its depth is ..and what will happen if we are careless and if fell into that..will it be repairable or irepairable loss to our life and body.

Everybody,s life is not just a cake we should try our level best to understand education about our personal permanent happiness..should be cautious with our decision power in the field of basics of health, behaviour, carrier,

duties towards home, family and parents and other partners in life. when people fail in absense of such factors they

fail in their aims objects..fall a prey to indignition in society.and either suffer from inferiority complex..depression..and

some take leave from their valuable life by way of suicide..As latest news you must have heard about a cricketer who

jumped from sixth floor of a hotel when police went to arrest him..I get sorry for such valuable lives..and compelled to write such topics as i chose to..I beg your pardon..I shall continue in my next note..till then ..please have a nice day..always.byee…see you..!!

Quantity of wisdom…

Dear friends every man in this world thinks that he is wise,  complete and correct in thought. He is superior to others . And most people say..”Hey i know all please do not try to teach me..” so most are egoist…a small number of people are ready to learn either from their parents, relatives, or friends and teachers.This life is a sea where everyday is a lesson much twist takes place in our life..we try our level best yet it is a rough  path..failures haunts at many junctions in field of

personal relation,Education.,social life, health and financial strength.So one day i began to think why people are different..?

What happened that on one condolence gathering which i attended after the function the visitors take leave of deceased family by going before them in a long que and  with folded hands with inclined head passed before them then disperse.

so their were about one thousand persons in the congregation..came one by one i was also standing with the family..number one came then two ,three. fourth fifth…and 999th..I was amazed all faces were different, some in height, voice ,

face, eyes, hands, hair, feet, walking style, looking style.. they never matched with one pair..Oh God..!!! how great artisan you were when you made them..Then you see who the God is..

Then i got the solution why every people has different luck.He he..(smile). Because Quantity of wisdom is not equal within them..some have Abundant, some have sufficient, some have medium, some have short..and some have nil means mentally retarded. Some are born wise, some are trained wise, some are followers wise..and some are overwise.some are genius, some are perfect.These  some are scientists, some are Doctors, some are Engineers, some are actors, some are celebrities, some are terrorists, some are beggars. Their wisdom has an important chemistry with company..or surrounding they have before them.. . Good company works as a catalyst for your uplift in life and glory.

Before finishing this “tell” truetells thanks all my followers for their great and nice company..for which i am happy.

Please bless me  so that i can write for you with more zeal and glamour.Till next..please  enjoy life.

Try to be your best friend….

As you know life is barren without a friend..whether it may be one two or many. But your choice should be selective.Always we should try to choose a friend who is more capable of all things we want to see in him. we can learn his good habits, knowledge, mental support and guidance.In my view one best friend is better than ten bad friends.More friends can misguide

and cloud our thinking like a rain bow..that means many colors.I had but one best friend  he migrated to another country

for better  i was dependent much upon him like telling him what was in my heart anytime and eased my mind pressure. He calmed me by his wise advise..or said o.k. let it happen we will see to it..or say Do not worry i am with you.!!

So i was compelled in his absence to find his substitute..and thought of making myself my best funny??

But believe me it is a very brilliant with yourself share your problems and find solution by talking your in many times in a free is 100 percent secret..and effective ..but talk from all angels and on trial and error method..

After some months you will understand the tune of your soul and get instructions from your inside heart..pick this! drop that!you can blow my idea in air but i can not force anyone to obey is yours ruin it or rebuild it is your choice.

since you are my friend too so i wanted to share good thinks with you..

In the last i may tell you one thing nothing is small in this world whether it may be zero, full stop or proper time they  exhibit their value and importance in our life. he friends wont make you bore more today..

see you soon till then..bye bye…

Lessons in the life….

I am update now ornamented with basics of  life and passed the phase of childhood,education primary, secondary, and higher education through college..and in the last my career and professional happiness.

I shall recall in short..though i have been intermittently describing my life..yet will try to fill in some blanks if left in to

feel satisfied.In my childhood i was the star of my family and enjoy love from all quarters of family members.

My mom always prayed God..that I should grow wise and capable to handle life  with ease..I should be an Engineer and bring the name to our past and present generation. I am grateful to her for her sacrifices for me..And i tried my level best not to see a drop of tears in her eyes due to me.I was most obedient to her and always felt honor to obey her and her preaching

It is a matter of my childhood , I went to the nearby flour mill to take the wheat flour..and paid the flour mill owner a hundred Rupee note..and he gave me back ten Rupees in excess with balance amount.. which i noted and took the money home.I told my mom that he had paid me in excess..she immediately asked me to go to him and return him Rupees Ten.

I was fearing to go back lest he can scold told the problem to my mom..she consoled me and said If you politely request him to accept back excess amount by mistake..he will never scold you..and will appreciate your honesty.

Because who are true ..they are bold..and become bold to accept their mistakes.

so i went and paid mill owner sum of Ten Rs. and he smiled and raised me in his hugs..and said one day I will go ahead in I am nothing, It is Godly Gift to me for such thinking.

My mom encouraged me to i practiced and they say i am a good bathroom singer.I sing for myself..but neighbours like it..they hear my voice which peeps through their windows to their ears.

I was very weak in mathematics and drawing in my school time..Teachers slapped me many times so i made up my mind

and used to get up early in the morning 4 or 5 am and practiced a lot till i was o.k.

I also loved to write letters to friends and relatives. My relatives ordered me to write letters on their behalf..and i have much practice to writing. When i wrote my personal letters to anybody i kept in mind it should be impressive, self explainatory, short..and purposeful.  when some one reads he should feel i am before him and talking with him.

My dear friends i am overwhelmed to find that a lot of you are giving positive response for my writing and subscribing me.

since you are my friend i want it  reveal to you that I am writing all my blogs in first attempt..that means i do not take note book with me to prepare rough work.I never make a draft in this computer. I just type and check spellings twice then save and click publish. I am not so smart in English to boast of no mistakes I can make mistakes which as a friend or brother i request you to ignore and forgive me as still i am weak in English.I can save a lot of time and energy and can be with you for more writing. time to say you bye..till my next..please .

After college what….?

I cleared or say passed my Degree from college with flying colors..I wanted to do Further studies..but i felt that it was urgent

to earn some income to promote our living standard.I was basically interested to start my own business but for lack of funds and experience it was wise to do a job for at least three years to add a feather in my cap for being a successful business man.

I immediately got a job in my first interview by grace of God..was appointed for six months on probation or say watch..then i was confirmed. After three years experience i left the job at my own will . , relatives and friends protested ..and called me a fool. As i was not hearing them.Main reason for leaving the job was to earn self respect,using full strength in work and get confidence in facing difficulties in life.In job you do not feel difficulty as loss of any type is suffered by your Boss.But when business is yours you have to be careful daily for steps taken by you to get good returns.

I was a good salesman and could impress anyone with my presentation power..and with smiling face.i got into focus easily.

I personally went to construction sites..and where owners were getting supplies already I offered better quality and discount rate and quick service fascility..In case of complaint free replacement option. With many other tricks soon i got established in market.And thanked God for giving me courage to think always of improvement in life.

After achieving my aim..i slowly got relaxed..and began to look towards my life..and  started to learn art of understanding people. More in my next episode..Friends be sure i will be back soon..

My college days part4.

Dear Readers I am glad to find your kind attention and reading my writing with a

lot of interest as subscriptions to truetells are on the rise gradually.

It made me turn to you earlier for yet another post before time.

so i was narrating days of my youth ..packed with dedication towards my aim..and parents..and career.However Engineering college life was colorful, enterprising.Full of joy and glory.Movies,Picnics, outings,haha..all that along with

tough training physical and charm towards life and activity was worth.But by grace of God i utilised  that time in good company.I followed brilliant students not bad and richer.I always thought i shall be like good where there is a will there is a way.That foundation age of my life gave me more than expectations without any trouble.

I also  mentioned how sexy thoughts attacked me..sometimes i could not sleep

due to bad thoughts..then prayed God to show me right path..i used to quarrel with myself these things can be attained afterwards also. No Girls..

My these views earned me a lot of respect from all quarters.Many girls used to send me letters..which i read, smiled..and tear apart to pieces..But i had soft corner for such girls who dared to open their heart for me.At least i was content with my capacity to make room in anybody,s heart.

After college what?..i shall describe in my next note.I shall be back soon..

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