At the age of Exact 16 years I felt the change in my body and health. I was becoming a man slowly..getting small mustache and beard hair above my lips..

I had hobby for building  and developing my decided to go to a large public park near my residence at 6 am daily.

In the cool breeze of  the park i definately felt much calm and relaxation within my hot flesh.After having shower i had a nice i enjoyed my youth with good health.I was becoming a little bit of a poet type..and thought about colors in life. Girls on the nook and corner looked with their affectionate looks..which i felt awkward…and i used to be shy..and shivers within me as if i was a girl and those were boys..I was always feeling shivers within me..with that maiden feeling.(maiden means new feeling here.)But alas..that fear factor..what my parents will think if they saw me talking with those young girls..made the girls toil hard to come near me.Any way i had to take a tough decision to build my carrier first..and love and sex at latter that was perhaps the reason in success in life at such a younger age.Today i have house, car, bike, and each amenity necessary for happy life…so search for a loving partner will end one day..i am sure.

By the way Girls, women i came to know boasted of liking me..but in my next episode i shall be present to describe the  happenings in my life.Till then please

wait..i shall be back soon.