So I was happy with my college life..I got busy and active..I was shaping in a guy of  urban area from a rural type.I came in touch with modern tools of Engineering and my researcher mind had many things in knowledge by this education.

I had got a friend who was my sincere..He often spent on me  forcibly..and take me to restaurant often in free time..I tried very much to pay the bill but he would never allow me. And he always said one day when you earn i shall recover from you.

He also often took me in theaters..where i could see good movie in his company..I never opted to be burdened by his expenditures upon me yet it was a pure case of affection towards me not a gratitude.I was so simple that i did not know how a child is born to is so unbelievable sometimes i feel proud of my ignorance…when in college time i asked my mom

how my sister was born she will smile and say laughingly and that God put her one day outside our house door..and you will laugh i believed.

Then on one fateful day one of my classmate was reading a  book  . He was going ..for having his lunch..he whispered in my ears please take care of this book nobody should see this book. I said yes..Do not worry.come soon.

I with not much interest opened the book peeped in middle pages..i was eyes widened in astonishment and thrill.

That was a clear book on sex activities between male and female..Oh my God i cried..and began to tremble..and my heartbeats moving fast..i looked around nook and corner of the room..and was convinced no one was seeing me.

When that fellow came back..i resented and scolded him that he came to study in college or taking that type of training ahead of time.He grinned and said me at home his parents were orthodox would not allow him to think about lust

and so many girls were after him…so that was the first day of my life in final year of my college..that unintentionally i got acquainted with techniques of love and sex..But i had always a controlled approach towards these time was not ripe for me to think of these defects..before blossom of my youth and energy after reaching my goal in carreer and earning life. God gave me courage to fight my weaknesses and made me firm to erect the structure

of my life and career.I shall write more in my next blog..till then..bye..