After passing High school..I got admission in Engineering college.I got admission for civil Engineering branch.Atmosphere was changed..I was a simple college there were tall and taller boys than i was..they were physically strong and mostly from rich families..or whose fathers were Government officers of higher ranks.They came to college mostly on motor bikes or cars..i came on pedal per my capacity. I was a  little nervous in the situation and felt myself surrounded by inferiority complex..and scared from within..i must say a little harrassed from within..

Due to this problem i could not follow lectures and my woes started i had no money to buy the books from the market so from one or two classmate i borrowed the notes and took the books from Library of the college.I paid the fees from scholarship i got from the Government as i was a promising boy and from a middle class family.

My first year was shaky..and i passed the examination with shear hard work..Then i went second year class till now i had settled and become confident i gathered interest in studies which i thought to be a burden in my first a result i passed second year with flying colors. I was happy from within. rich and tall boys became my friends and ready to help me.

since they were lavish and smoke cigarettes and often went to theaters to see new movies..without taking permission from their parents..i kept them at some distance as i remembered my position compared to them.I had to report home in time from college as my mom always looked for me at door steps..and i could not see her worried about me.

More in my next post..till then wait please…please.