My present life frame is standing on foundation of  a kid who well remembers his school days.Those days are not less than any joy we find in outings, picnics and travel and tours….But surely that is the scene of travel of life in start of age..that i  say with honor and jolliness My school Days.Since i have made no secret that I was a kid from middle class family..but loved my mother..since school days i dreamt and had made up my mind to make my mom happy..earn good money when i was an adult and buy her a furnished first thing I wanted to do was study a lot to higher standards and become an Engineer. This promise within me made me move in the right direction of life path..In my childhood i was a charming boy.

And my looks and appearance were i see my photos of childhood now but I am not so innocent now..So..i was talking of my school days In my class there were mix number of boys and Girls..And some of Girls were living in my residential locality.The Girls liked my company while going to school i was at age of 7 years only so no need to worry they came to my house to pick me up to accompany them on way to school. sometimes when i was not ready my mom laughed at me and said babies are better than you and very punctual. That i was also lucky they cared for me and waited patiently for me to come downstairs to join them along with my schoolbag.On holidays. Girls wanted to play with me ..and my mom did not like and allow that she will make them turn back to go as i had to do home work..and not let me know that they came downstairs.  so i was innocent so never objected what my mom did for me. she always cared about my health and gave me healthy food..along with butter.I now feel honored and happy that Oh..i was so good that girls came to take me to school not boys.But dear readers i was innocent and i am proud of that thing within me..