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My College days Part3.

At the age of Exact 16 years I felt the change in my body and health. I was becoming a man slowly..getting small mustache and beard hair above my lips..

I had hobby for building  and developing my decided to go to a large public park near my residence at 6 am daily.

In the cool breeze of  the park i definately felt much calm and relaxation within my hot flesh.After having shower i had a nice i enjoyed my youth with good health.I was becoming a little bit of a poet type..and thought about colors in life. Girls on the nook and corner looked with their affectionate looks..which i felt awkward…and i used to be shy..and shivers within me as if i was a girl and those were boys..I was always feeling shivers within me..with that maiden feeling.(maiden means new feeling here.)But alas..that fear factor..what my parents will think if they saw me talking with those young girls..made the girls toil hard to come near me.Any way i had to take a tough decision to build my carrier first..and love and sex at latter that was perhaps the reason in success in life at such a younger age.Today i have house, car, bike, and each amenity necessary for happy life…so search for a loving partner will end one day..i am sure.

By the way Girls, women i came to know boasted of liking me..but in my next episode i shall be present to describe the  happenings in my life.Till then please

wait..i shall be back soon.


My College Days..part2

So I was happy with my college life..I got busy and active..I was shaping in a guy of  urban area from a rural type.I came in touch with modern tools of Engineering and my researcher mind had many things in knowledge by this education.

I had got a friend who was my sincere..He often spent on me  forcibly..and take me to restaurant often in free time..I tried very much to pay the bill but he would never allow me. And he always said one day when you earn i shall recover from you.

He also often took me in theaters..where i could see good movie in his company..I never opted to be burdened by his expenditures upon me yet it was a pure case of affection towards me not a gratitude.I was so simple that i did not know how a child is born to is so unbelievable sometimes i feel proud of my ignorance…when in college time i asked my mom

how my sister was born she will smile and say laughingly and that God put her one day outside our house door..and you will laugh i believed.

Then on one fateful day one of my classmate was reading a  book  . He was going ..for having his lunch..he whispered in my ears please take care of this book nobody should see this book. I said yes..Do not worry.come soon.

I with not much interest opened the book peeped in middle pages..i was eyes widened in astonishment and thrill.

That was a clear book on sex activities between male and female..Oh my God i cried..and began to tremble..and my heartbeats moving fast..i looked around nook and corner of the room..and was convinced no one was seeing me.

When that fellow came back..i resented and scolded him that he came to study in college or taking that type of training ahead of time.He grinned and said me at home his parents were orthodox would not allow him to think about lust

and so many girls were after him…so that was the first day of my life in final year of my college..that unintentionally i got acquainted with techniques of love and sex..But i had always a controlled approach towards these time was not ripe for me to think of these defects..before blossom of my youth and energy after reaching my goal in carreer and earning life. God gave me courage to fight my weaknesses and made me firm to erect the structure

of my life and career.I shall write more in my next blog..till then..bye..

My college days….

After passing High school..I got admission in Engineering college.I got admission for civil Engineering branch.Atmosphere was changed..I was a simple college there were tall and taller boys than i was..they were physically strong and mostly from rich families..or whose fathers were Government officers of higher ranks.They came to college mostly on motor bikes or cars..i came on pedal per my capacity. I was a  little nervous in the situation and felt myself surrounded by inferiority complex..and scared from within..i must say a little harrassed from within..

Due to this problem i could not follow lectures and my woes started i had no money to buy the books from the market so from one or two classmate i borrowed the notes and took the books from Library of the college.I paid the fees from scholarship i got from the Government as i was a promising boy and from a middle class family.

My first year was shaky..and i passed the examination with shear hard work..Then i went second year class till now i had settled and become confident i gathered interest in studies which i thought to be a burden in my first a result i passed second year with flying colors. I was happy from within. rich and tall boys became my friends and ready to help me.

since they were lavish and smoke cigarettes and often went to theaters to see new movies..without taking permission from their parents..i kept them at some distance as i remembered my position compared to them.I had to report home in time from college as my mom always looked for me at door steps..and i could not see her worried about me.

More in my next post..till then wait please…please.

My School Days…..

My present life frame is standing on foundation of  a kid who well remembers his school days.Those days are not less than any joy we find in outings, picnics and travel and tours….But surely that is the scene of travel of life in start of age..that i  say with honor and jolliness My school Days.Since i have made no secret that I was a kid from middle class family..but loved my mother..since school days i dreamt and had made up my mind to make my mom happy..earn good money when i was an adult and buy her a furnished first thing I wanted to do was study a lot to higher standards and become an Engineer. This promise within me made me move in the right direction of life path..In my childhood i was a charming boy.

And my looks and appearance were i see my photos of childhood now but I am not so innocent now..So..i was talking of my school days In my class there were mix number of boys and Girls..And some of Girls were living in my residential locality.The Girls liked my company while going to school i was at age of 7 years only so no need to worry they came to my house to pick me up to accompany them on way to school. sometimes when i was not ready my mom laughed at me and said babies are better than you and very punctual. That i was also lucky they cared for me and waited patiently for me to come downstairs to join them along with my schoolbag.On holidays. Girls wanted to play with me ..and my mom did not like and allow that she will make them turn back to go as i had to do home work..and not let me know that they came downstairs.  so i was innocent so never objected what my mom did for me. she always cared about my health and gave me healthy food..along with butter.I now feel honored and happy that Oh..i was so good that girls came to take me to school not boys.But dear readers i was innocent and i am proud of that thing within me..

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