I have seen 26 springs in my life since i came to this world. I decided to count my best time i passed through in my life..

I recall my days as a child since i was seven i have mentioned in my previous blog..my primary school time was no so good to me..I often fail down from stairs..and was so much underweight that when i ran for some purpose i could not hold my balance of body and often got hurt in legs, and nose…fever gripped me now and then..typhoid attacked me several times..

Though i was from  a middle class family it was a dream of my beloved mom that i should advance in my life and become a gentleman with higher income when i become an adult.I was admitted in nursery class where i learned manners of wearing

clothes,, and eating habits..and respect my elders.along with ABC of  English..and maths. I learned bi languages in my spare time..and used to go to shop of my uncles rather playing much in streets. That primary school time passed, i joined my High school..and  golden age was my high school..up to this day my high school classmates meet me with love affection and lovely

memories..I joined college after High school but..students or say boys were so selfish and rude..with ego in their mind…

But my High school companions are keeping in touch with me..and enquire about me..from other friends..so that was a golden age of my life..i feel hard to forget..