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Take Action..Do Not Cry.

Since i came to my senses i began to talk with myself..i often talk with myself in free time…i try to access myself, access my relatives,my relations, friends, and people whom i love..I have a close watch what is happening around me..what should not be in this world or country.Though i am not a high profile man  yet i try to see clear around me. I have my own assumptions and calculations in life..I less care what people think about me..i want it is preview of people to what i am thinking about them..I  can only respect others this i will do if anybody may be wrong with me Because i can not change people.

I am sorry  when there is hue and cry in this world about terrorists..(9/11 Episodes),cries, mourning..If Rulers of countries try by heart they can control or End terror from their places.I think they have not applied these points as measures against


1.Catch those who make them stay in rented houses.

2.You have to move a circular on T.v and media,Police and security DepartmentThat anybody giving shelter to terrorist will

be equally treated as terrorist and his property will be confiscated, and he will be deported from native country.

Hotels,are also a den of unknown vigil on them..

3,.The country who sends such persons to your country without proper verification  should also be  b lamed for such turmoil.

4. Heavy prices should be offered who give a proof against such persons who are active

in antinational activities.

5. More when you do ..will show you further points to find any loophole in lapses.


The best time of my life….

I have seen 26 springs in my life since i came to this world. I decided to count my best time i passed through in my life..

I recall my days as a child since i was seven i have mentioned in my previous primary school time was no so good to me..I often fail down from stairs..and was so much underweight that when i ran for some purpose i could not hold my balance of body and often got hurt in legs, and nose…fever gripped me now and then..typhoid attacked me several times..

Though i was from  a middle class family it was a dream of my beloved mom that i should advance in my life and become a gentleman with higher income when i become an adult.I was admitted in nursery class where i learned manners of wearing

clothes,, and eating habits..and respect my elders.along with ABC of  English..and maths. I learned bi languages in my spare time..and used to go to shop of my uncles rather playing much in streets. That primary school time passed, i joined my High school..and  golden age was my high school..up to this day my high school classmates meet me with love affection and lovely

memories..I joined college after High school but..students or say boys were so selfish and rude..with ego in their mind…

But my High school companions are keeping in touch with me..and enquire about me..from other that was a golden age of my life..i feel hard to forget..

She fascinated me…but failed to understand me..

Since i became a sensible man to understand world around me on many occasions i came in touch with various types of women.I always tried to firstly judge them by their looks..appearance,cleanness,smile., writing,walking, and talking.I gazed them if they attracted me..if yes..I had made up  my mind to come in maximum touch with them.

i start from a girl D Queen . she had a long chat with me..when i asked her name she laughed and said what is in the name..i could know her as a Queen.As she said  she was a queen it was clear to me she must have been married otherwise her name could be D. Princess i guess. Then there was a traffic of talk and she was somewhat happy with me..this i felt within me.

she said to me she was bonded with someone else so could not meet me personally.She was an artist…

Then what happened one day her art work showed  along with my comments on my web page..she thought that this was my work..she was angry with me..i submitted her that i do not know that much in computer..i am innocent..but she did not hear..and got lost.

I still remember that i liked her..her songs..her talk..and her dear friends..when someone asks me have you a girl friend? I say i am just single. I met many. many liked me..but were not up to the mark i was searching for..

so search is on..on..and on.

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