Either fortunately or unfortunately I was a lone child of my parents.when i came to senses at the age of 7 years i have memory stocked in my mind.since childhood up to date.

Being only son i was the star of eyes of my grand parents,uncles .and aunts.But my father was a neutral person.He had got saint properties within himself.Neither he liked me nor dislike me.He remained to be within his own.After primary education i passed high school worked hard to complete my studies in college as an engineer.I never took fees from my dad..and never spent lavish in college as others did. I was simple thinking man..had vowed to make my mom happy. Give her a house to live in and with all amenities.I did not like to go out of country to earn money and decided to remain with the feet of my beloved mom whom i loved so much.I was lucky to complete my education and get job easily and without anyone’s recommendation.I got everything in my life with the help of hard work and honesty.And i shall advice everybody to follow this unique way to remain happy forever and with good health.